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I love it when a plan comes together
longshot27 wrote in ragner_fanclub
For those of you on the Cam list - THAT is what I live for.

I heard from the player of Alejandro that my calling him out just before Midwinter caused it to be a very nerve-wracking lead in to the event. And now, his Keeper is trying to eat the bullet on this one as the "mistake" comes out. I could not have asked for a better outcome, with a few big names coming out to criticize Alejandro, someone even quoting what he said to hold him accountable. There was even a betting pool!

Now, I have nothing against the player, and really nothing against the character, but to see an opening and have it work exactly how I wanted... it makes me so happy. There is little better than setting something up, and having it play out in the best possible way.

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My attempt didn't work quite so well.....

Part of it is that no matter how well you plan, what promises you make, when you get that many PCs in one spot, bad shit will always happen. NPCs sometimes don't help either.

Congrats on being sneaky. It's so hard to get plotting to work out exactly how you want it too. It's an art form, really, that one needs years of experience to master...

Are you saying I'm old? :P

Whats even better than all of this is getting a public display of "atta boy" from a Justicar regarding the event. A point you've conveniently left out of this little greasy dance.

I knew exactly what game you were pulling, dude. I'm not an idiot, and Its exactly what I would have done were I in your place. But honestly, I came up smelling like roses in the long run.

Nothing wrong with everyone getting what they want out of something.

Never said you were an idiot. I thought it was a good back and forth. Those on the Cam list will have seen the messages you are talking about, so sorry I did not recap the whole thing here. I left a lot out because I was not recapping the whole thing. Didn't mean to strike a nerve or anything.

Nah, its cool. I just wanted to make sure I was fairly represented:P

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