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An offer...
longshot27 wrote in ragner_fanclub
How does Archon Ragner sound? Hmmm...

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It is something I have actually been considering of late. I'd have to find a Justicar willing to take him on, but I know he is not going to be Prince forever, and I am weighing my options.

I'm more for Prince Ragner. Archons dont stabalize domains, they troubleshoot problems. Does anyone really want Prince Isaiah again?

For one simple reason. Walking into a domain controlled by Ragner or Isaiah means passing a sign that says "Fuck with us. Really. I dare you."

Big difference between Isaiah and Ragner. Ragner is much more diplomatic and rational. Kindred tend to favor that in their Princes compared to crazy ones who kidnap neighboring Princes to save members of their domain.

No. No, wait... um, no.


Nobody, yet. But my character will not always be Prince. In fact, some players have complained to the Iowa City STs that my character is causing game stagnation, and so I need to think about what happens down the road.

I'd love to know which players. Then I would tell them the history of Iowa City and its Princes in the three years prior to Ragner. Ragner is good for Iowa as a Prince. I have no doubt he would kick ass as an archon, but I dont see him taking orders so well. :)

Unless they assign him to hunt down rogue Obtenebrists.

Good luck. Some games, like one in particular, shield their Obten posessing PCs. He would hit the same brick wall he hit when Tremere SubCoord asking politely for answers.

Having someone stable is awesome from an Icly perspective tho, but charater growth is always a plus. I think ragner would make a good Archon.

Who do you want him to serve under?

That's a tough one. Ventrue is out, as Knight was an archon for them, and there is already one in Iowa. Toreador is a big no, because there would be no name changing for my character. And Nos is another no because of the history there.

I think I went into shock when I saw that...my brain doesn't know how to respond. Either it's so terrifying my mind just shut down OR it's so awesome it exploded. I'll get back to you.

I think that Ragner would make a fantastic Archon. Given his feelings towards the current ones, I think that he would be a great example of what an Archon SHOULD be, which would be nice.

I think that Iowa as a whole would feel the loss of Ragner as Prince, but it would definitely be interesting to see what would happen in his absence from that role.

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