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Another story
longshot27 wrote in ragner_fanclub
I was originally not going to post this, but "family time" was just too amusing not to.

Unbeknown to anyone (except for two other PCs) Ragner has a broodmate in Fargo named AJ. We met for the first time during my last trip to St. Paul. Our sire was also there.

As Knight is prone to do, he was causing social mischief, giving people a hard time, and picking on a poor Setite (Dave Teagle's specifically). Eventually, he asked the Setite what his favorite thing was. The Setite answered something like "To live, not die, not be killed, keep existing..."

Knight then turns to me, and asks what I like best. At this point, Knight was still an archon, and I know he much prefers to not take orders. So, I started talking about how my favorite thing was to run a domain, not have anyone to report to, and otherwise be in charge. Clearly a good answer, and I poked at Knight.

Knight then turns to AJ, to compare his new childe to his old, and asks what his favorite thing is. Without hesitation, AJ says "dogs".

The look on Knight's face was priceless.

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Hee hee, I know you already told me this one, but it doesn't make it rock any less. Brilliant!

I'm so jealous of your awesome LARP family...

Yay! Misty has a new uncle!

So... was there going to be an introduction to the adopitive realtive, or has he given up on her already?

If you ever find out in-character about AJ - then you can meet him. ;)

That whole family seems AWESOME!


That is fantastic, lol.

Their family has nothing on our LARP family, Brian.

DJ (AJ's player) told me about his character's backstory... I totally see why he answered "dogs" :D

Oh, I know his background, and OOC I know why he answered that way, too. But the situation, and how it came across, was amusing in character.

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