I love it when a plan comes together

For those of you on the Cam list - THAT is what I live for.

I heard from the player of Alejandro that my calling him out just before Midwinter caused it to be a very nerve-wracking lead in to the event. And now, his Keeper is trying to eat the bullet on this one as the "mistake" comes out. I could not have asked for a better outcome, with a few big names coming out to criticize Alejandro, someone even quoting what he said to hold him accountable. There was even a betting pool!

Now, I have nothing against the player, and really nothing against the character, but to see an opening and have it work exactly how I wanted... it makes me so happy. There is little better than setting something up, and having it play out in the best possible way.
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Another story

I was originally not going to post this, but "family time" was just too amusing not to.

Unbeknown to anyone (except for two other PCs) Ragner has a broodmate in Fargo named AJ. We met for the first time during my last trip to St. Paul. Our sire was also there.

As Knight is prone to do, he was causing social mischief, giving people a hard time, and picking on a poor Setite (Dave Teagle's specifically). Eventually, he asked the Setite what his favorite thing was. The Setite answered something like "To live, not die, not be killed, keep existing..."

Knight then turns to me, and asks what I like best. At this point, Knight was still an archon, and I know he much prefers to not take orders. So, I started talking about how my favorite thing was to run a domain, not have anyone to report to, and otherwise be in charge. Clearly a good answer, and I poked at Knight.

Knight then turns to AJ, to compare his new childe to his old, and asks what his favorite thing is. Without hesitation, AJ says "dogs".

The look on Knight's face was priceless.
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Vulcan salute

A conversation...

Person 1:  "I have become the play-toy of John Ragner."

Person 2: "Everyone is the play-toy of John Ragner..."

My response?: "Oh boy, I sure hope so!!! ;)"

I thought that would amuse a few people...
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(no subject)

The following is a response John Ragner had to Edmund Flynn earlier today. Short, but hopefully amusing.


This is why ghouls should never be embraced.

Look, I am not looking for "I hear and obey". I am looking for some sign you actually, honestly understand what I am saying.

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A story of going down the wrong path

What follows is for OOC enjoyment only. It is a conversation between Ragner and a Ventrue out of Stockton. It started on the Camarilla list, where the poor Ventrue made a comment that indicated Lasombra could not be Prince.

This is what happened after I took it to a private exchange, and strung along the guy, who had no idea who I was.

People on my LJ have likely already seen this, but it seemed a good idea to post it here.

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Vulcan salute

Oh yes...I totally did.

I told Chad I would make him a Ragner LJ fanclub and so here it is. Spread the word. Celebrate the awesomeness of Ragner.

If anyone would like to help with it, as in design a layout or icons or something, then just let me know.
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