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smeghead1013 wrote in ragner_fanclub

OWBN Hour of Power: "You live in Gotham City before Batman showed up, and he's never coming."

My immediate thought was: "Except for Iowa. We have John Ragner."

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Just get Obfuscate. You can even whisper to people in brightly lit rooms. :) Much spookier to evil. No need for shadows if you can just convince the person you're not there.

And, Ragner needs darkness. Bright light can damage his shadows. :(

The last Highlander movie was awesome! Duncan MacLeod totally rocks Connor's ass!

And there was sex!

The writer of the second movie should be dragged out into the street, chained to a large metal object, and left there until the next storm. Lets see how he likes a REAL Quickening.

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